More vintage Fashion! – Rare Scarf


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Rare Scarf is located in Phoenix Arizona, established in 2013. They are a vintage clothing store which “caters to the stylish Phoenician who understands that the best of the moment fashion is a mix of the past and the present.” They are not only a store for women but also for men. Their items range from accessories, jewelry, handbags, shows, and more!

They do not have an online store but they have a website where you can find out more information behind the brand.

If you live in the area or plan on traveling that way soon make sure to stop by! Take pictures and come back and post them for everyone to be able to see the clothing. 

The one person to thank for this vintage store is Michelle Phillips, from Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.09.28 AMMinnesota. You can see she has her own unique style. (right)

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Premium Resort wear – Heather Blond Beach Luxe


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My blog is not only about finding you guys great deals. I also love to you guys variety! Sometimes you just want to splurge. A huge time a lot of us allow ourselves to, is when we are going to be going on vacation. 


Heather Blond Beach Luxe is a place you can go to buy items you will be needing when you are going off on a resort/vacation. They have been is business for a little over a year now. They target their clothing to females ages 30-50. I am 21, and I love their items, so it could even be for the younger set as well. They have things such as, cover up robes, swim (coming soon), accessories, tunics and tops, and a lot of other items for a warm vacation venues. Or even for those of you that live in a warm climates and are looking for items with more of a luxury bling look! You can buy all their items on their website which is below. I will not be able to list everything because there is a lot to choose from. Below is their main site. Enjoy!

They are known as a high brand, a luxury. The colors are amazing and vibrant. The accessories are a great addition to your beach wear. The thought that went into the pieces are amazing and, the prices are excellent given the quality and design. I highly recommend them if you are on the hunt for that specific look and you have not been able to find it yet.


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Vintage Inspired Boutique: Pin-Up Darling


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Here is a site that is a place where you can shop, read about, and learn vintage inspired style! 

My favorite part is the shopping well duh right! There are super cute clothes there, from jewelry, to dresses and sweaters. You are probably thinking, vintage inspired.. either that is ugly and or expensive. Well you are wrong with both of those assumptions. Just look for yourself at the Website. 

Here is a little peak at some of the things you will find when you go there.


The prices range from $5.95 to $158.00. Great prices for cute clothes. They also have a sale section because for me I know that is where I always go, not only in store but also online. I would never bring you guys a site that has expensive ugly items. Trust me when I tell you, you have to go and see for yourself.

Do not forget about their blog:  

You can read up on many things vintage. If you are a vintage girl this is calling your name. The other great thing about it is that even if you are not a “vintage” girl, it is still for you. 

Image(All photos from

Retail Therapy Sip N Shop


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Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 1.00.51 PMSip N Shop hosts marketing events for small businesses the features unique items or services in ” fashion, lifestyle, fitness, home décor, travel, wine & spirits to home care services, transportation and community business owners”. This sounds like a fun time for those women who love fashion.

The event with be held in New York in the New York City Metropolitan Area on May 8th

Be there! (More information on their site)

Click the link to be directed to the forums to either sign up to be a retail therapy vender, inclusion in their fab swag bag, or you can become an event sponsor. It would be a fun event to volunteer for, look for that link as well.

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How to buy Pre-Owned designer handbags-Kingbaron


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Just a little advice kinda day…

Have you ever wondered what you should be looking for when shopping online for a new handbag, not just at Forever21, Tobi, or others. But a designer name handbag. Well below is a page you should check out and read. It has great information on what you should do before you spend a lot of money on a handbag.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.44.49 PM

Jewelry Kind


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Valentines day is coming up! Do you ever wonder what your ring size is when you are shopping online and come across a great ring but you are not sure of what size you would be!Or do you need to know someone else’s size? Here is the perfect solution from Jewelry Kind. It’s a site where you can not only purchase jewelry but they also have a ring size converter. (There is also an option to download it.)

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Vhair- Hair extensions


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Virgin Hair is a place to go for hair extensions. Their site is here is the direct link for you hair extensions supplier. !

The hair is 100% human hair, and there are different choices to choose from. I am not to familiar with extensions since I never use them. But I do know a lot of people that love their extensions. I thought of always trying them because when I do cut my hair I always miss it!

Here are the list of options,

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.18.08 PM

– Chinese Virgin Hair

– Double drawn hair

– Hair weaves

– Seamless skin weft

– Tape in hair extensions

There are also ranges in sizes, 14in through 34 in. For prices there are a list of Indian, Chinese and double drawn. If you are interested in anything else you can always submit and inquiry to figure out a price. It seems like they have a lot of choices and have something for anyone.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 3.27.26 PMAbove is the image for the prices, click it to see the list. It ranges from $243 to $535.

Their site is really easy to run. They have links at the top of their page for Hair products, blog, Buy now or contact. It’s not confusing and  it’s very straight forward. I think its great that they have a blog, makes it personal and on their blog there are articles about their products. I also love how they have a direct link to contact them. Overall a great site, again I have never used hair extensions so to me I think it looks great and I feel like they would be really willing to help someone out.

Hair Extensions Supplier.

Don’t forget to check out their blog for more information !

Makeup remover wipes


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Makeup remover wipes are something I am always trying to find the right ones that work well for me. I went on a little hunt, here is some of my findings.

Walmart Equate are the ones that I recently used up. They were $3.48 and it was a 40 count. They are good for contact lens wearers, not that it mattes to me . But the reason I loved them the most is because it has a closable snap lid. Below is the link for them. I think its a great price for the amount of wipes you get. Also the snap lid keeps them really fresh and wet for a long time. 

I found that they did an ok of removing my makeup especially my foundation. It did not seem to work well on my waterproof mascara. Since it was a snap lid the liquid from the wipes made the wipes really wet and it was a bit too much at times and sometimes it would come off in my eye! I would have to be more careful and ring it out before I had used it.


The other wipes I started to use after my equate ones ran out were Olay which is $2.97 at Walmart. I got mine at Family Dollar for $3 ( I thought I was getting a deal, I guess not) They come in a 20 pack and they have a peel and stick lid instead of the snap.  I have to make sure I seal i tight so I do not let them dry out. It does take off most of the makeup, kinda. I feel I have to try harder to get it off, and again does not work to take off my water proof mascara. Again, here is the link.


Next one I would like to try after my Olay ones run out are LA Fresh Oil free face cleanser. I got them as a sample in one of my monthly subscription of Ipsy. It came with a 10 wipe count. This is also a peel and stick sample lid. Its a Maroon package, says it is a refreshing scent but I can not find where it says what kind. But it does smell nice. Its also Biodegradable and compostable and Paraben free. Says it removes light makeup. So I do not have high hopes for it.  

There is a package of a 24 count on there site for $9.99, instead its Waterproof Makeup remover and its in a purple package The one on the site seems to fit better with my needs. After I try the ones I got from Ipsy maybe I will purchase these to see. They will take off more of your makeup since it is for waterproof makeup unlike the one I got in my Ipsy bag. although the purchase of the waterproof ones cover the monthly cost of my whole Ipsy bag. Doesn’t not seem worth it to me. I really want to find one that can take off my waterproof mascara.

Hopfully this helps you. If you have good makeup remover wipes that works well for you. Please let me know so I can give them a try!

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October Ipsy


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Yes… it’s super late! I have been so busy as soon as I received this bag it got pushed to the back of my desk. I also was not every excited with it when I opened it so I did not have the motivation to play with it.

This Ipsy review is a little different since I am a little disappointed with it this month. (October).

IMG_1923The products included are not things I really use. Lets start with the Lip pencil, I do not use them! So this was a waste for me personally. (Keep reading for a giveaway) Next is the Blow dry volumizing gel, I would have like to try this but I cut my hair short a week before I got the bag! With my short hair I do not need volume, it would have been great to try with my long hair. Then the Nourish body lotion…. it smells so bad! I really was excited when saw it in my Ipsy bag. It says it is 100% natural USDA certified organic, I like that. But I tried it on my hands and I just could not get over the smell! I will have to just throw it out, sad. Last is the Zoya nail polish. I love nail polish and I think I have an addiction but I do not think I like the color I received. I may try it out on my nails for a week to see but to me personally it is too dark of a color.

All in all, I hope Ipsy gets better. I have only been doing it since July bag and I have been ok with them so far. Not going to unsubscribe yet. I still get my money’s worth each month since the bag is only $10 total, includes shipping. I still like the idea of hearing and trying out new brands. To me it is still worth it to keep. What about you guys? have you recently unsubscribe or do you feel as I do? Let me know!

Included: Within the bag itself were 5 products 

1. Big Sexy Hair, blow dry volumizing gel 1.7 oz. The 8.5oz is $16.95 at Ulta.!Ulta_SexyHair!Refer!1

2. Zoya nail polish in Giovanna, $8

3. Nourish organic, coconut and argan body lotion, exclusively at Target, 1 oz.  The 1. 8oz at Target is $9.99

4. Starlooks lip pencil in Tickle me pink, $12

5. LA Fresh makeup wipes, 10 included. $9.99 for 24 count


Up to date reviews


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A week worth of posts coming!

reviewI am sorry guys that I have not posted lately. I hope you still believe in me and love my posts enough to stick  around. I am dealing with depression, and have been for over a year now. It is not the easiest thing to come out and share. It makes it really hard to have any motivation everyday. It takes everything I have just to go to work everyday. I wanted to let you guys know it is not because I do not care or do not love doing it. If you have depression you know how I feel! This blog keeps me going and knowing I have people like you still coming back and reading my posts really help me out. Stay strong with me.

For not being on here enough I hope to do a post every day next week starting Sunday, November 10th! Check back everyday for a new post. Follow me on Twitter to find out what will be coming out the next day.

Tomorrow will be, yes I know its late, October Ipsy bag. It will be a little different than in the past. Please please check it out!

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