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Makeup remover wipes are something I am always trying to find the right ones that work well for me. I went on a little hunt, here is some of my findings.

Walmart Equate are the ones that I recently used up. They were $3.48 and it was a 40 count. They are good for contact lens wearers, not that it mattes to me . But the reason I loved them the most is because it has a closable snap lid. Below is the link for them. I think its a great price for the amount of wipes you get. Also the snap lid keeps them really fresh and wet for a long time. 

I found that they did an ok of removing my makeup especially my foundation. It did not seem to work well on my waterproof mascara. Since it was a snap lid the liquid from the wipes made the wipes really wet and it was a bit too much at times and sometimes it would come off in my eye! I would have to be more careful and ring it out before I had used it. 



The other wipes I started to use after my equate ones ran out were Olay which is $2.97 at Walmart. I got mine at Family Dollar for $3 ( I thought I was getting a deal, I guess not) They come in a 20 pack and they have a peel and stick lid instead of the snap.  I have to make sure I seal i tight so I do not let them dry out. It does take off most of the makeup, kinda. I feel I have to try harder to get it off, and again does not work to take off my water proof mascara. Again, here is the link.



Next one I would like to try after my Olay ones run out are LA Fresh Oil free face cleanser. I got them as a sample in one of my monthly subscription of Ipsy. It came with a 10 wipe count. This is also a peel and stick sample lid. Its a Maroon package, says it is a refreshing scent but I can not find where it says what kind. But it does smell nice. Its also Biodegradable and compostable and Paraben free. Says it removes light makeup. So I do not have high hopes for it.  

There is a package of a 24 count on there site for $9.99, instead its Waterproof Makeup remover and its in a purple package The one on the site seems to fit better with my needs. After I try the ones I got from Ipsy maybe I will purchase these to see. They will take off more of your makeup since it is for waterproof makeup unlike the one I got in my Ipsy bag. although the purchase of the waterproof ones cover the monthly cost of my whole Ipsy bag. Doesn’t not seem worth it to me. I really want to find one that can take off my waterproof mascara. 


Hopfully this helps you. If you have good makeup remover wipes that works well for you. Please let me know so I can give them a try!

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