Me, Nominated?, Yes!


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I am so excited to tell you guys  I am nominated for a Liebster Award. The Blog called A Stylish Hue was the one who nominated me. Her blog link will be at the end of this post. Here are the questions for me to answer. This is exciting, I do not usually share much about myself personally so now you guys can learn a little bit more about me! Here we go…

1 What is your biggest regret?

– I should have been learning fashion years ago! I am a bit behind but I am trying to catch up everyday.

2 What’s your favorite movie?

– I do not have a favorite, I love movies! But I love scary ones the best. I guess Paranormal Activity movies are one of the best for me.

3 What style item can you not live with out?

– I have to have a scarf! Even in the summertime I try to make them work.

4 What’s your favorite blog?

– Too many to choose from the fashion blog world gets bigger everyday to me!

5 Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

– For personal, Facebook. For my blog, Twitter

6 What has been your all time favorite red carpet moment

– Like I said, I am behind in fashion, I do not have a favorite moment 😦

7 Who is the most stylish man in Hollywood?

– Maybe not most, but I never have anything bad to say about his looks, Scott Disick.

8 Who is the most stylish woman in Hollywood?

– I love Jennifer Aniston, she always looks young and put together, plus whatever role she plays she’s awesome. I guess I just love her over all 🙂

9 If you could attend Fashion in NYC who would you take with you?

– My friend Kate! she knows so much about fashion she would be a load of fun as well.

10 What’s your favorite color?

– Turquoise

11. Why did you start your blog?

– The reason I started this blog was to get my writing out there. It started to be an advice blog but then my love for fashion grew and it turned into an advice blog on fashion.

There are a few things about me! I hope you enjoyed this little post, a little different. I also now have a Facebook! So make sure you go and lock follow to all my pages!

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Here is the Blog, 


Stylish Board.


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The newest website I have come across is called Stylish Board. It is exactly what you would think it is from its name. Not only is there ideas on fashion, such as clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags. They also have postings for cosmetics, babies and dyi’s. It is a one stop kind of site.


One of their newest posting, to give you an idea is a nail DYI. Its a  tutorial on how to have matte and gloss nails. This looks like a really easy way to make your nails look amazing. The images they use makes it easy to follow. And they always have a little written up description. They have another few things you can do with your nails. You have to go and check them out. I do not want to post them all when really you need to go check them out anyway! (There is also a tutorial on how to get nails that look like sneakers, super cute!)

      Another good thing about this site is that it is not all based on one particular style. There are ideas for anyone, and many tastes. 

I was also able to find a lot of food ideas. For the holidays and for fall there are good ideas on cupcakes, pies, ect. 



      All in all it is a site you should bookmark. I found that a few images used were form Pinterest. So if you like going there then you will love this site. Image based site with small descriptions, which is all that seems to be needed with the posts. 


Find them and like them on Facebook,


Nivea Lip Butter


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Wow, has it been a very long time since I have posted and boy do I have a lot to talk about! I will start out slow so I do not overwhelm you guys. My last post was about MRP. I did get my package! I will be doing an update on that and what I actually ordered and how I plan to wear the items, duh pictures of course. But for now, a small post on one of my recent items I purchased to try out. I heard a lot about this item from the people I watch on YouTube, you all probably know about it…. Nivea LIP BUTTER! Yes I finally purchased it. I know there are four kinds but my CVS had them on sale for 3/$10 so I just got three.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.26.50 PM

The one I started out with is the smooth kiss, no scent because I wanted to just test it. I have only been using it for a week now and so far I am not impressed. I might get some hate for saying this but.. I was excited and I feel a little let down. They are super cute packaging and great travel size. I do love the feel when its actually on my lip. A couple negatives, you have to use your fingers to smear it on your lips (gross) I like Chapstick you just twist and it smear with no mess. But when it wears off and I do not reapply it, I feel my lips are even more dried up then they were before I put it on! I usually have to reapply my usual Chapstick after a while. That to me means, it is not doing its job. I will continue to use it up and move on to the other kinds. I probably will not buy them again. Kinda sad.

Upcoming posts, new mascara tryouts! I went to The Body Shop for the first time, post coming soon. And my first order ever from elf cosmetics. Also, a lot of other items I am trying out at the moment and will be giving my personal feedback on them. Keep up with me on here, Bloglovin and Twitter.

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MRP- Online shopping


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I just recently came across a shopping site. I was unsure about it as first because it did not seem to have a high fashion look, its called MRP. Then I started to go through the clothing and the prices I was seeing were crazy! I started to select items and put them in my cart.

ImageThe items above are things I selected. The total for all of those is just $30!

(In order)

  • Skirt -$4.50
  • Scarf- $5.50
  • White shirt- $4.50
  • white/blue/black shirt- $5.50 
  • 1st necklace- $3.50
  • 2nd necklace- $2.00
  •  blue/black shirt- $4.50

     My favorite is the skirt. Every girl is in need of a couple nice looking skirts. I only have two skirts, one is for the summer (bright pink) and the other is just a plain black skirt, still always needed. I saw this blue one with the black detail and I fell in love. It is a great color for fall and to pair with black tights and some nice boots.

The prices are crazy and it defiantly is a must to check them out. They have boots, flats, blazers, coats and more. Also a kids and men department.


Orvis Clearance


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Orvis Clearance

I wanted to share this shirt! I usually do not stop into Orvis but I was walking by their store and they had clearance so I figured I would take a look randomly. I found an amazing shirt! The shirt was also a great deal, $9, thats right only $9. I love deals and I love fashion.

When I first put the shirt on it did not fit as I wanted it to. I found a belt I never use and put it to good use. It gives it more of a fitted put together look. I also had that necklace for over a month now and have never worn it. I also got it on clearance and figured I would use it sometime and this shirt was the perfect one to use it for. It added color and the neckline was a little boring and I knew it needed a full necklace to pop out. I love this outfit! I also would either wear with leggings or a skirt.

Moral of the story, always look at clearance racks, you never know what you can find or where!

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For those who want to be stylish and safe!


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Today’s post might seem a little different than my others. But do not be confused because its just like any other one. The following site I am going to be telling you about is on handbags! What girl does not love looking at handbags. These hand bags are not only stylish but they are also used to keep you safe. Sounds weird for a handbag? Let me explain.

ImageImage is a company that specializes and making handbags for that women who wants to be able to defend themselves and be an independent powerful women that we all can be. The word gun can sometimes throw people off and freak them out. I personally am not a gun owner and I will never be. But I know there are plenty of women out there that are, and love to be able to look good and make it not noticeable. For guys they have bulky holsters they carry around. What about us women? Where are we supposed to be putting them? This is your answer.

Their designs are youthful yet mature and tasteful for those 20 years olds, they have fun patterns for younger women who want to stay in fashion.They have a new line of handbags out by Urban Maxy, that is geared toward that. They range in size and price, also are lightweight. A quote from their site that describes them perfectly is “safe and fashionable”. That is what they are going for.

gunhandbags_image2Looking good and having cute handbags is important to us. But for them its also about being and feeling safe. Almost every girl has a handbag, and if you really wanted to, a gun or a safety item could be put into it. But with these handbags the weapon is concealed. That is very important! No one wants everyone to know they have it in there, an intruder knowing that it could ruin your defense. Making sure it is concealed is a safety measure and where ever you go, no one wants to know you have a weapon sticking out of your handbag. Direct quote from their site. “we believe that all women everywhere should and must empower themselves to take responsibility for their own safety and security. Many of us in the United States do this by buying a gun, learning to use it and obtaining a legal Concealed Carry (CCW) Permit”.

Is is very important to know. YOU MUST OBTAIN A PERMIT TO CARRY A GUN! I am not trying to sell you the idea to pick up a weapon because of this handbag. I am informing you of the choices you have. A popular choice is the leather bag, its durable and it can keep there shape. realizing the weight of the weapon that is going to be in it.


If this is for you please go to their site, they also have information on the subject. The bags are cute so do not be worried about not looking put together. Also on their site they have a coupon that can be used.

H&M Sale!


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I could not pass this up! I have to share it with all of you. I recently found out you can buy things from H&M website now, I was overjoyed and have yet to buy anything but have been adding things to my cart everyday. Knowing now that I can. Shipping is also only 5.95, not to bad. BUT, today I saw that they are having a sale, they have great prices but with this sale, wow things are so cheap. Sweaters around $10, some shirts are $5 or $7. You NEED to check it out now, things are already selling out on me. 

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GiPSY Dharma: Clothing and leather boots for women


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I should start out by saying they are handmade items!

As I first approached this site I noticed how colorful it was and how it was an easy layout. The images grab you and make you want to start clicking around. Well the more I stated to click the more I was liking what I was seeing.

The first thing I wanted to do was go to the catalog page to see what they offered. I soon was seeing how vibrant, not only their skirts were but also their boots!


Their prices of boots range from £129.00- £230.00 = $209-$370. They have two styles, they have ankle and than they have Knee high boots. But they also have hand dried flip flops which are £80.00=$129.02. 


My favorite pair of boots they have are a colorful pair that have great colors in them for the fall. It is boot season guys, they have all the basic colors including a few cute colors that are very in. Below is the image of the pair I would die to have!


So look around at their catalog. They have a lot of different things to be able to showcase your personality and your style. Along with their boots they sell Leather belted skirts! How exciting is that. Now it may be getting cold out for some but you can never go wrong for special occasions. And I know there are some people out there that have warm weather all the time! So take a look.


I moved on to see that they have a Giveaway page! I love any company that does this since it really shows they are interested in sharing their love for their stuff. This giveaway happens to be their 7th one. They giveaway a free pair of boots! That show their giveaway mean a lot to them and they work out and their customers must love it! The latest the drawing will happen is this month on the 20th! Go now before it ends and enter! How you enter is by clicking on the link on the age and it will bring you to their Facebook page and there is where you will be instructed to enter. A few things to do to enter are things like, liking the image it brings you to, commenting on it and than sharing the image. Whats great is if you win you pick not only your size (duh) but also the color!

998964_471893072908207_2128458419_nPlease PLEASE click on the link below which is their site. Go look at them. This is especially the season to buy their items. Also you can go check them out on Twitter. A lot of their items are sold out, hurry before yours is too!



(all these images are from their site)



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fiverr1Just a mini post here, I am also doing work on Fiverr. I love fashion and I also love how everyone can social network together. I know how it is to just start out so my gigs are some what based on that. Go check them out, tell your friends. Thanks!

(Sorry the clickable link is not working at the moment. PLease take the time to copy and paste the above into your browser to take a look!)

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