Gun Handbags

Today’s post might seem a little different than my others. But do not be confused because its just like any other one. The following site I am going to be telling you about is on handbags! What girl does not love looking at handbags. These hand bags are not only stylish but they are also used to keep you safe. Sounds weird for a handbag? Let me explain.

ImageImage is a company that specializes and making handbags for that women who wants to be able to defend themselves and be an independent powerful women that we all can be. The word gun can sometimes throw people off and freak them out. I personally am not a gun owner and I will never be. But I know there are plenty of women out there that are, and love to be able to look good and make it not noticeable. For guys they have bulky holsters they carry around. What about us women? Where are we supposed to be putting them? This is your answer.

Their designs are youthful yet mature and tasteful for those 20 years olds, they have fun patterns for younger women who want to stay in fashion.They have a new line of handbags out by Urban Maxy, that is geared toward that. They range in size and price, also are lightweight. A quote from their site that describes them perfectly is “safe and fashionable”. That is what they are going for.

gunhandbags_image2Looking good and having cute handbags is important to us. But for them its also about being and feeling safe. Almost every girl has a handbag, and if you really wanted to, a gun or a safety item could be put into it. But with these handbags the weapon is concealed. That is very important! No one wants everyone to know they have it in there, an intruder knowing that it could ruin your defense. Making sure it is concealed is a safety measure and where ever you go, no one wants to know you have a weapon sticking out of your handbag. Direct quote from their site. “we believe that all women everywhere should and must empower themselves to take responsibility for their own safety and security. Many of us in the United States do this by buying a gun, learning to use it and obtaining a legal Concealed Carry (CCW) Permit”.

Is is very important to know. YOU MUST OBTAIN A PERMIT TO CARRY A GUN! I am not trying to sell you the idea to pick up a weapon because of this handbag. I am informing you of the choices you have. A popular choice is the leather bag, its durable and it can keep there shape. realizing the weight of the weapon that is going to be in it.


If this is for you please go to their site, they also have information on the subject. The bags are cute so do not be worried about not looking put together. Also on their site they have a coupon that can be used.

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