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My blog is not only about finding you guys great deals. I also love to you guys variety! Sometimes you just want to splurge. A huge time a lot of us allow ourselves to, is when we are going to be going on vacation. 


Heather Blond Beach Luxe is a place you can go to buy items you will be needing when you are going off on a resort/vacation. They have been is business for a little over a year now. They target their clothing to females ages 30-50. I am 21, and I love their items, so it could even be for the younger set as well. They have things such as, cover up robes, swim (coming soon), accessories, tunics and tops, and a lot of other items for a warm vacation venues. Or even for those of you that live in a warm climates and are looking for items with more of a luxury bling look! You can buy all their items on their website which is below. I will not be able to list everything because there is a lot to choose from. Below is their main site. Enjoy!  


They are known as a high brand, a luxury. The colors are amazing and vibrant. The accessories are a great addition to your beach wear. The thought that went into the pieces are amazing and, the prices are excellent given the quality and design. I highly recommend them if you are on the hunt for that specific look and you have not been able to find it yet.


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