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A week worth of posts coming!

reviewI am sorry guys that I have not posted lately. I hope you still believe in me and love my posts enough to stick  around. I am dealing with depression, and have been for over a year now. It is not the easiest thing to come out and share. It makes it really hard to have any motivation everyday. It takes everything I have just to go to work everyday. I wanted to let you guys know it is not because I do not care or do not love doing it. If you have depression you know how I feel! This blog keeps me going and knowing I have people like you still coming back and reading my posts really help me out. Stay strong with me.

For not being on here enough I hope to do a post every day next week starting Sunday, November 10th! Check back everyday for a new post. Follow me on Twitter to find out what will be coming out the next day.

Tomorrow will be, yes I know its late, October Ipsy bag. It will be a little different than in the past. Please please check it out!

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