GiPSY Dharma

I should start out by saying they are handmade items!

As I first approached this site I noticed how colorful it was and how it was an easy layout. The images grab you and make you want to start clicking around. Well the more I stated to click the more I was liking what I was seeing.

The first thing I wanted to do was go to the catalog page to see what they offered. I soon was seeing how vibrant, not only their skirts were but also their boots!


Their prices of boots range from £129.00- £230.00 = $209-$370. They have two styles, they have ankle and than they have Knee high boots. But they also have hand dried flip flops which are £80.00=$129.02. 


My favorite pair of boots they have are a colorful pair that have great colors in them for the fall. It is boot season guys, they have all the basic colors including a few cute colors that are very in. Below is the image of the pair I would die to have!


So look around at their catalog. They have a lot of different things to be able to showcase your personality and your style. Along with their boots they sell Leather belted skirts! How exciting is that. Now it may be getting cold out for some but you can never go wrong for special occasions. And I know there are some people out there that have warm weather all the time! So take a look.


I moved on to see that they have a Giveaway page! I love any company that does this since it really shows they are interested in sharing their love for their stuff. This giveaway happens to be their 7th one. They giveaway a free pair of boots! That show their giveaway mean a lot to them and they work out and their customers must love it! The latest the drawing will happen is this month on the 20th! Go now before it ends and enter! How you enter is by clicking on the link on the age and it will bring you to their Facebook page and there is where you will be instructed to enter. A few things to do to enter are things like, liking the image it brings you to, commenting on it and than sharing the image. Whats great is if you win you pick not only your size (duh) but also the color!

998964_471893072908207_2128458419_nPlease PLEASE click on the link below which is their site. Go look at them. This is especially the season to buy their items. Also you can go check them out on Twitter. A lot of their items are sold out, hurry before yours is too!


(all these images are from their site)

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