September 2013

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Starting at the beginning is the great blue Ipsy bag that everything came in. This is one of the best I have gotten so far. Its a great color and shape. But to get into what came in it. 

– The tinted lip balm. I was excited when I first saw this but as soon as I put it on I was disappointed. The color it looks in the bottle is a nice shade of pinkish red. But when I put it on my lips it makes it look like my lips have been bleeding for days! I even left it on for an hour to see if it would grow on me, well it didn’t.

– The next things is the eye shadow.  have not put it on yet but I seem to be a little shy of blue shaded eye shadow. If anyone has a great tip on how to make it work please comment below! 

_ Moving onto the face masks! I can not wait to try these. I always have wanted to but I did not want to pocket out a lot of money on one if it really was not going to work. The three I got are, hydrating, brightening, and purifying. 

– Its so Big mascara! not so big. I tried it thinking it would work better than the one I use now which is Maybelline Turbo volume express but it just did not impress me at all. I am always willing to give things more than two tries though. 

– Final one is the Starlooks black eyeliner. I absolutely love it! I do wish it were waterproof. I use it everyday now Im glad its a real full size eyeliner pencil. It goes on so smoothly and makes a great line, I use it on my top lid, its perfect for it.

For being $10 a month, this months Ipsy bag I think went beyond that. I never think I get ripped off with the monthly bags. I always courage you to sign up!

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