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I am so excited to tell you guys  I am nominated for a Liebster Award. The Blog called A Stylish Hue was the one who nominated me. Her blog link will be at the end of this post. Here are the questions for me to answer. This is exciting, I do not usually share much about myself personally so now you guys can learn a little bit more about me! Here we go…

1 What is your biggest regret?

– I should have been learning fashion years ago! I am a bit behind but I am trying to catch up everyday.

2 What’s your favorite movie?

– I do not have a favorite, I love movies! But I love scary ones the best. I guess Paranormal Activity movies are one of the best for me.

3 What style item can you not live with out?

– I have to have a scarf! Even in the summertime I try to make them work.

4 What’s your favorite blog?

– Too many to choose from the fashion blog world gets bigger everyday to me!

5 Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

– For personal, Facebook. For my blog, Twitter

6 What has been your all time favorite red carpet moment

– Like I said, I am behind in fashion, I do not have a favorite moment 😦

7 Who is the most stylish man in Hollywood?

– Maybe not most, but I never have anything bad to say about his looks, Scott Disick.

8 Who is the most stylish woman in Hollywood?

– I love Jennifer Aniston, she always looks young and put together, plus whatever role she plays she’s awesome. I guess I just love her over all 🙂

9 If you could attend Fashion in NYC who would you take with you?

– My friend Kate! she knows so much about fashion she would be a load of fun as well.

10 What’s your favorite color?

– Turquoise

11. Why did you start your blog?

– The reason I started this blog was to get my writing out there. It started to be an advice blog but then my love for fashion grew and it turned into an advice blog on fashion.

There are a few things about me! I hope you enjoyed this little post, a little different. I also now have a Facebook! So make sure you go and lock follow to all my pages!

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