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The newest website I have come across is called Stylish Board. It is exactly what you would think it is from its name. Not only is there ideas on fashion, such as clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags. They also have postings for cosmetics, babies and dyi’s. It is a one stop kind of site.


One of their newest posting, to give you an idea is a nail DYI. Its a  tutorial on how to have matte and gloss nails. This looks like a really easy way to make your nails look amazing. The images they use makes it easy to follow. And they always have a little written up description. They have another few things you can do with your nails. You have to go and check them out. I do not want to post them all when really you need to go check them out anyway! (There is also a tutorial on how to get nails that look like sneakers, super cute!)

      Another good thing about this site is that it is not all based on one particular style. There are ideas for anyone, and many tastes. 

I was also able to find a lot of food ideas. For the holidays and for fall there are good ideas on cupcakes, pies, ect. 



      All in all it is a site you should bookmark. I found that a few images used were form Pinterest. So if you like going there then you will love this site. Image based site with small descriptions, which is all that seems to be needed with the posts. 


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