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Orvis Clearance

I wanted to share this shirt! I usually do not stop into Orvis but I was walking by their store and they had clearance so I figured I would take a look randomly. I found an amazing shirt! The shirt was also a great deal, $9, thats right only $9. I love deals and I love fashion.

When I first put the shirt on it did not fit as I wanted it to. I found a belt I never use and put it to good use. It gives it more of a fitted put together look. I also had that necklace for over a month now and have never worn it. I also got it on clearance and figured I would use it sometime and this shirt was the perfect one to use it for. It added color and the neckline was a little boring and I knew it needed a full necklace to pop out. I love this outfit! I also would either wear with leggings or a skirt.

Moral of the story, always look at clearance racks, you never know what you can find or where!

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