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Today as I was working my short shift at Polo Ralph Lauren I saw a lot of customers wearing TOMS shoes. So I thought I would go online and see what kinds they have and for what prices. It seems they have become a big hit. I went to the TOMS website. Here is one I saw that I so need! Super cute. w-blue-ikat-classics-su13-shttp://www.toms.com/womens/shoes/classics/toms-blue-ikat-women-s-classics/s

On their website there are a ton more selections. I think TOMS are great. They really can be paired with almost anything. I great denim short, a flowing white skirt, skinny jeans. So great to have to just throw on! I will be looking around to see me more and get maybe sale ones before I throw $54 into a pair and not love it. I would love to hear from you guys to see if you have any and if they are good on the feet and what you wear yours with and what design yours are!

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